The HOWs of iPads

I'm endeavouring to establish the case FOR iPads that is built on research and sound professional practice - we know they are right for our classrooms - just want to be sure we know why. Gathering examples of good practical applications helps to demonstrate HOW!

Here is a system for individual students to use the iPad......
• Name on a list
• My system is calling on a student and letting him/her play specific apps or use it for free time.
• I open a single app, and assign students
• Rotation schedule for centres
• I have student practice spelling words, high frequency words or math facts
• We rotate through two centres a day so 4-5 kids use it.
• Sick or injured students can film certain instructions or games-form our PE coach
• One to two students working on different educational apps.
• Positive reinforcement for completing tasks/following directions
• Each day a students is able to use the ipads to practice their spelling words.
• I have student names on sticks and I pull one each day and that student gets the iPad for that day. When I have gone through all the students, then we start over. So each student gets the iPad once every 20 days.
• Students who have finished checking out books can use the iPad(s), iPods, or nook. I have put books, language arts, and social studies apps on the devices. Some are also using garage band.
• We have an iPad helpers (TT - Technology Technicians!) who draws random names throughout the day. They keep track of who has used the iPad on a special clip board. We make sure everyone has had a chance during that “round” before we start all over again. Usually 3-5 kids use the iPad per day.
If you have a system for small groups to use the iPad, can you please explain it?
• Group A every Monday
• Teacher lead, pass around                                                  
• Rotation schedule
• I have iPad at center and students work on a particular app.
• I name the user group
• I work it into my lesson plan for center time
• Using it as station for instruction for some games.
• Incorporate it into our small group table activities during center time rotation
• In small reading group instruction, our ipad is an invaluable tool to help us learn letter names and sounds, correct pronunciation, recognition of sight words, shape recognition, not to mention tactile development.
• BYOT Tech App Fridays
How do you keep the students on the specific apps you want them to use?
• Sitting by them – easy to do in a small group setting.
• I model how to go to each one and how to use them. I’ve put most apps in designated folders, specifically for student use.
• Monitor/1:1 supervision/assistance from a teacher
• I have made folders with different apps for different grade levels I work with.
• I’m sitting right there with them as PART of the group( I’m part of the team )
• I put the in three folders on the bottom row where it’s hard to remove them or mess them up. Also, we previewed what to do if the black x shows up. They have done GREAT with it.
• The app they will use is already up and running when they get the iPad.
• Explain to them appropriate use and consequences if they don’t use it appropriately. And trust…
• Honesty…I’ve told them what they can use during Daily 5 and have not caught anyone doing otherwise! I can check how much time they spend in the spelling apps that we use.
• I have them located in folders with the names of the academic areas. So they are instructed to use the apps in the folder of the academic area that are in for the whole class. So, for example, when we are doing Math, they are only allowed to do the Math apps.
• I announce ahead of time which apps can be used during that time.
• Difficult to monitor! I wish I could put a password on my folders! Or put folders within folders to organize things.
What apps have you found that provide an engaging and relevant learning experience for your students?
• Math apps are great! I also use Flash Card app for sight word reading and bingo. In general, the kids respond well to any app I show them. I also use Aimsweb on the iPad and it is wonderful and easy to use when doing progress monitoring on the kids.
• Every day Math apps, Screen Chomp, Daily 5
• Oh No! Fractions, Math Ninja
• Math Bingo, Alphabet apps for younger students
• Math and Word bingo, several different math and language apps, handwriting apps, and sight word apps…
• iMovie, Pullups, and the basic camera.
• iWrite Words
• SpellBoard is what we use for spelling practice. I like that I can program in the words they practice, adding more than what is on our weekly list- more challenging words for those that need it.
• Letter Quiz, Cimo (spell out) Spelling, Sight Words 2, Fun Rhyming, Read-a-Louds
• Puppet Pals, Sock Puppets. I have recently loaded “Snapseed” a free app from Starbucks, and I will use that app more with students who take pictures.
• Word Wizard, Spell Board, Word Bingo, Pop Words, Sight Words Hang Man, Flash to Pass Free, Everyday Math Apps, Math Bingo, Amazing Coins, Grade 1 Math, Teach Me 1st Grade, Flat Stanley, Grade 1 Math and Science….soooooo many!
Post by Margie Brown Eanes ISD EdTech - 
I wish to credit Margie Brown Eanes for these well-researched examples and thank her for sharing.

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